Friday, November 13, 2009

Five things Tag

Shelby tagged Madeline with the five things tag. These are her words.

five things I don't leave the house without

1 clothes
2 something to sleep with if we are going to grandma Kaye's
3 hair pretties
4 I can't drive the car
5 pack up toy to go to grandma Kaye's

five cartoons I watched when I was younger

1 the Electric Company
2 Dinosaur Train
3 Word Girl
4 Word World
5 Ruff

Five things that terrify me

1 the basement with wolfs ( Has she been talking to Hayley?)
2 box elder bugs
3 burglars
4 people telling horrible stories like Sarah telling about a monster with red eyes and red teeth with blood down it's face.
5 barely scared of mummies

Five Things I hate/dislike that everyone else seems to like

1 I do not like people dressed in scary costumes
2 I done like tomatoes
3 I don't like pears that much but a little though
4 vampires
5 I don't like apple sauce

Five Things I want to do before I Die

1 Gymnastics
2 I want to cheer lead
3 I want to be a teacher
4 I want to do a cartwheel
5 I want to braid with three hair balls

Everybody I know got tagged already